From Surviving A Horrific Plane Crash To Becoming An Internet Sensation: The Inspiring Story of Kechi Okwuchi

To me beauty has little or nothing to do with anything on the outside, because I believe our real beauty resides deep inside of us. After a huge escape from death by surviving a plane crash, Kechi Okwuchi has definitely qualified for being an amazing beauty of Africa.

You want to know why, please read on!

Kechi Okwuchi is a Nigerian who currently lives in the US. About 17 years ago, the teenage Kechi then experienced one of the most unforgettable days of her life.

It was on the 10th of December 2005, when she happened to be in a plane crash back then in Nigeria with other of her schoolmates. This disaster took the souls of many people except for Kechi and one other person.

Immediately she has flown abroad and some surgeries were performed on her because she sustained 65% burns to her body. For people who have experienced a great challenge like this in their lives, life can be so hard for them to live and even they can be looking down on themselves, but for Kechi, it’s the other way round.

After the plane crash, while in the hospital bed, Kechi discovered her talent to be singing and she made it known that singing was her only escape from this lifelong challenge. In 2017, she appeared on the biggest talent show in the world, America’s Got Talent and left many people amazed with her tremendous performance which resulted in a standing ovation for her.

Kechi walked through the ladder of this show in 2017 and finished as one of the finalists of the show in that year. Two years later, in 2019, Kechi reappeared on the show and won the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell after her super-amazing performance.

These actions of Kechi have earned her love from many people from different parts of the world. In 2018 she released her debut album titled Kechi, the album also featured other notable artists like Angelica Hale and others.

Apart from being a great musician, Kechi has also proved to us that she is endowed with talents, because in March 2022, the singer released her book titled, MORE THAN MY SCARS, a book she wrote solely about herself and her experience as a burnt survivor.

Since her debut appearance on the AGT show, Kechi has performed her songs at different places like sporting events and other events throughout the US, South Korea and also in Nigeria.

One thing I want us to learn from this story is that even after a big challenge in our lives, we should never look down on ourselves and also to always dream big and follow that dream, because in reality the real beauty of a man resides right inside of him and not on the outside.

I’m sure you can see that in the story of Kechi, who has truly proved to us that she is the true definition of what beauty is.


Author: Muhammed Akorede Olaiya

You can call me M.a-cool. I'm a writer and a video content creator from Nigeria. I write on different topics but mostly my writing revolves around fiction, motivation and inspiration articles. My passion for storytelling and love for Africa made me start my YouTube channel, where I tell amazing, inspiring and beautiful stories about Africa and Africans. You can check out some of my stories by visiting my YouTube channel.

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