Meet 19-year-old Haley Taylor Schiltz: The Youngest Black Woman To Graduate From Law School In America

Haley Taylor Schlitz hits double success after becoming the youngest law school graduate at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and the youngest black woman to graduate from law school in the United States of America at age 19.

Haley Taylor Schiltz had shown worthy signs of being a talented prospect in the law field. At age 16, Schiltz had been granted acceptance by nine law schools. However, the teenage prodigy opted for SMU’s Dedman school of law.

“In her three years at Dedman School of Law, Haley has made a name for herself as an author, public speaker, and respected thought leader on the issues students of color face in navigating gifted and talented programs in public schools,” university officials testified.

Schiltz was born in the city of Los Angeles, California, where she attended a homeschooling program in Texas. She had attended public school until fifth grade. Schiltz’s experience with public schooling was disastrous and troublesome. The menace of racism was an encounter she always perceived. Furthermore, her parents had to withdraw her from public schooling due to their disappointment that the school wasn’t giving due credit to Schiltz for her effort as a bright student. Thus, these ordeals influence her parents’ decision to homeschool. Her mother is a physician, while her father is a political campaign manager.

Apart from making history at SMU, Schiltz illustrated an outstanding record after graduating from Texas Woman’s University at age 16. She is the school’s youngest graduate enlisted.

In June 2020, Haley was elected to serve as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention at age 17.

Haley Taylor Schlitz is currently preparing for the bar exam, which takes place at the end of July. She hopes to enter the field of educational policy.

“I really want to help students realize their potential even if they can’t home-school,” Schlitz told the Dallas Morning News in 2019. “I want to help families open their eyes to the opportunities that they don’t even realize are there.”

On a normal day, Haley Taylor Schlitz is an author, public speaker, and respected thought leader on the issues students of color face in seeking opportunities in public schools.

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