“War In Ukraine Contributes To Increase In Onion Price” – Myk Berewa

Myk Berewa

The Director of Communications at the office of the President, Myk Berewa, has stated that the increment in the price of onions, which is one the most used cooking ingredients in Sierra Leoneans, is as the result of the War in Ukraine amidst other factors.

Most recently, citizens have complained about the exorbitant prices of onions which sell for as high as Le20 for just a single piece. In some areas, you can get it for Le30 or more.

The traders who peddle their goods complain about the general price for a bag of onions, which, they say now costs around Le1100.

Myk Berewa, the communication’s director, was responding to a Facebook post lamenting the recent hike in the prices of onions.

In his rebuttal to a post made by a renowned whistleblower, Dr. John Idriss Lahai, Myk Berewa stated that the war in Ukraine subsequently affected the price of onions.

In addition, he mentioned that added factors which affected the prices were floods in Pakistan, which damaged the reserves; severe droughts in North Africa, and the unfavorable weather conditions in Morocco.

The state house representative also asserted that the Philippines is facing the highest crisis citing that onion prices in the country have become costlier than the total sum of a meal because of natural disasters that damaged their crops in 2022.

The onion increment has gradually influenced many citizens to embrace the agenda of embarking into large farming as market prices are becoming less dependable and more expensive by the day.

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

Delvid Stanley-Coker is a dedicated writer and editor for The African Dream. His passion and desire to publicize the appreciable department of Africa and voice out the prevalent ills of society have adequately contributed to the promulgation of stories of different sorts. Email: stanleycokerdelvid@gmail.com. WhatsApp: +23276737886 Facebook: Delvid Stanley-Coker.

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