Kashe Quest – The Brilliant Girl Who Scored Over 98% In IQ Test at Age 2, Making Her One Of The Smartest Persons In The World

Kashe Quest, a genius and extremely witty girl, is currently the youngest American to join the organization of intelligent people across the world – Mensa. At the tender age of 2, she scored an unbelievable 98% on her entry test. To qualify for Mensa membership, prospective applicants must take an approved intelligence test and score at or above the 98th percent threshold.

Kashe Quest, now 4, was born on June 22, 2018, to Sukhjit Athwal and Devon Quest. She hails from Los Angeles County, California. Her mother, Sukhjit Athwal, is a child development expert from Northern California. Devon Quest is a law clerk.

Kashe Quest’s Parents – Sukjit Athwal and Devon Quest

The story of Kashe Quest is positively eventful and amazing. She had shown extreme signs of intelligence at an early stage. Unlike other young kids of her age, she uttered her first word and was communicating in sentences that stretched past five (5) or more words. The family also noticed that Kashe Quest had a fantastic memory. In an interview, Sukhjit said, “Quest took interest in sorting shapes as an infant and by the time she was 16 months old, she could recognize words.”

The bemused parents took Quest to a pediatrician (child specialist) for her 18-month checkup. The pediatrician notified the family that there was something unique about their daughter. She had abilities unfamiliar with normal kids. Sukhjit and Devon then decided to consult a psychologist who administered the Mensa test. The results of the IQ test left everyone astonished. Kashe Quest scored an IQ of 146. Guess what? Only 2% of the American population scores above 130. This unbelievable accolade places her on a level of her own.

She has always shown us, more than anything, the propensity to explore her surroundings and to ask the question ‘Why,'” Kashe’s father Devon told CNN. “If she doesn’t know something, she wants to know what it is and how does it function, and once she learns it, she applies it.”

In case you are wondering what were the particular abilities Quest showed for her parents to get suspicious of her unreal abilities, here is a list of them:

  • Kashe Quest knew all the alphabets, colors, shapes, and numbers at 17-18 months old.
  • Due to how sharp-witted Quest is, she is many times mistaken to be a teenager by her family.
  • By July 2020, aged 2, Kashe had mastered 70 sight words (common words that kids recognize instantly without sounding them out) out of 100 used by her mother.
  • Kashe Quest knows over 50 signs in sign language and is currently learning Spanish and knows her native language. She also knows how to count to 100.
  • The Executive Director of Mensa, Trevor Mitchell, eulogized Quest by saying “she is remarkable.
  • As a staunch fan of the Frozen animated movie, Quest is familiar with all the movie’s songs.
  • Kashe Quest can comfortably name all of the elements on the periodic table and can identify all 50 American states by shape and location.

Devon and Sukhjit have been cautious in handling their genius of a daughter. They have been intentional with their words and with their communication since she can remember every bit of conversation they had.

“It has taught us patience in how to communicate with her and we are very conscious of the words we use with her and how we explain things,” Sukhjit told CNN. “It has definitely taught us how to be better communicators with each other and collectively as a family because we all have to be on the same page.”

To encourage Quest to reach her maximum potential and have her enjoy a normal childhood, Sukhjit opened up a school for gifted children.

Kashe Quest is extraordinary!

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

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