Nigerian couple go viral after inviting five guests to their wedding

Immediately I met my husband, I told him I don’t want a loud wedding. He thought I was joking and he didn’t take it seriously.

I’ve never dreamt about having a loud wedding with thousands or millions of people gathering together. It’s a personal thing.

The wife said

Many young people fancy big and loud weddings, but this Nigerian couple had a different thought. Olufola Jesufemi Opadiran, a Nigerian woman who recently tied the knot, went viral after inviting five guests to their wedding. She told her husband immediately they met that she is not into ‘loud wedding’ because ‘noisy environment isn’t the best for me.’

Olufola said in a Facebook post that her now-husband didn’t believe her when she told him she don’t want a big wedding. She added that her husband thought she was joking and that she didn’t take her seriously. Olufola said they did their wedding on a low budget and advised her Facebook followers to plan their weddings well. ‘Plan your wedding well. Pray more than you talk. Work according to your budget,’ she said.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

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