Meet 11-year-old Saratu Dan-Azumi: The Nigerian Mathematical Genius “That Can Calculate Numbers In Millions”

Saratu dan-Azumi has recently proven to be the babe of the media after stories of her outstanding mathematical skills topped the front pages of news agencies across Africa. A video was shared on Facebook which showed Saratu exceptionally illustrating her arithmetic prowess.

Every child is believed to be exceptionally blessed with distinct talents. It seems like Saratu Dan-Azumi has discovered hers. The native of Kano State, Nigeria, can rightfully be classed as a genius. Her high level of mathematical reasoning enables her to solve numerical questions without the assistance of a calculator or any instrument.

A reporter from the Daily Trust news agency, while testing her wit, asked her if he is 30 years old, how many days has he spent on earth. Without a pause, she instantly responded with 10,800 days as the answer. More questions were thrown at the Nigerian prodigy, which she answered correctly.

Saratu Dan-Azumi quit school at primary 4 because she was bullied by her classmates. She is open to the idea of returning to school though not her former school.

Malama Rabiatu told the Daily Trust that she spotted the talent in her last born six years ago. She mentioned that apart from Saratu’s numerical skills, she is good in business and is self-reliant.

“She is good at doing business and sewing local hand fans. I gave her the name ‘Turrum’ meaning the blessed one, but when she grew up, she hated the name because her schoolmates made fun of her using the name, hence she stopped going to school for over a year now,” she said.

Her mother hopes that she will have formal education and consequently become a university graduate.

Another interesting part of this story is that the villagers practically use Saratu as their human calculator. The villagers always ask her to solve arduous mathematics questions and hand her little remittances as compensation. Furthermore, as the news of her brilliance swept across villages, people flock from every corner to see her.

Saratu Dan-Azumi’s talent has landed her some valuable opportunities. She was awarded a scholarship from the Bashir Ahmad Foundation (BAF). Most recently, the World Bank through the Adolescent Girls Initiative for Learning and Empowerment (AGILE), offered her a scholarship program. Project Communication Officer, Aliyu Yusuf said the program will enroll Saratu in school.

While reacting to the wonderful news, Saratu told Premium Times News Agency: “I am good in mathematics, whether addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. I can calculate numbers in millions ‘up head’, without writing or using a calculator. I left school because of bullying. My peers used to call me names which I detested. I will not go back to that school. I’ll be happy to continue my studies in another school, away from them.”

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

Delvid Stanley-Coker is a dedicated writer and editor for The African Dream. His passion and desire to publicize the appreciable department of Africa and voice out the prevalent ills of society have adequately contributed to the promulgation of stories of different sorts. Email: WhatsApp: +23276737886 Facebook: Delvid Stanley-Coker.