Meet Nikky Palmer: The Sierra Leonean Female Entrepreneur Behind A Natural Haircare And Skincare Brand

Nikky Palmer is a Sierra Leonean farmer, entrepreneur, and the brain behind Palmer Organics Creation. Palmer Organics Creation is a haircare and skincare range of brands that ensures the freshness and decency of your hair and skin. The items used to make the creams are 100% herbal, natural, and homegrown.

Nikky Palmer was born and raised in Sierra Leone. She graduated with a degree in Development Studies from the country’s University of Makeni (UNIMAK). At the moment, she works at the Human Resource Department of Caritas Makeni and is also the board president for Families without Borders (a social profit organization that provides scholarships for students).

Nikky Palmer posing with Palmer Organics Creation Cream

Palmer had a dream while growing up. She had an obsession with being natural in oneself and loved looking original. Moreover, she always wanted to manage a company. “Growing up, my dream was to establish a company. Some people feel insecure flaunting their natural hair in public. So I decided to make a product that can motivate young girls and people to grow their hair and feel natural in their skin”, Nikky Palmer explained her inspiration behind the product in an interview with The African Dream.

Palmer Creation Organic creams are made from herbs such as moringa, lemon grass, neem, guava leaves, and other supplements. The benefits and results of using the product are vast. Due to its herbal ingredients, the creams stop breakages, heal dandruff scalps, treat your scalp from any hair loss, revitalize your beauty, and get your silkiness back.

A proud customer posing with a product of Palmer Organics

This may seem like an easy ride given that the business seems unique and special. Well, that wasn’t initially the case. Speaking on the challenges she faced in starting up her beauty company, Palmer highlighted that ‘fear’ was a paramount issue. “This was an idea I conceived for many years. However, fear held me back. I was unsure of whether the venture was lucrative and profiteering. I was bothered about the perception of the public”, she explained. Another challenge relatable with not only entrepreneurs like Nikky but other business people was the acceptance of local and homegrown products in-country.

Nikky Palmer originally had financial problems when she started making organic creams. Considering that the packaged bottles are imported from other countries, she has to think of ways of balancing the amount to meet her target. “Sometimes the products could be in high demand. When the stocks run out, I am left with the burden of making orders for more packaged bottles. In the end, all my initial profit is invested in the buying of the bottles.”

Despite her challenges and setbacks, Nikky Palmer’s startup is a testament to character and zeal. We asked her about any key interesting words of motivation for young people in her shoes, unwilling to begin a business idea. She said, “My advice for young people is that they shouldn’t be afraid to start. Just start! The idea may seem unrealistic. People may brush it off. Just keep pushing.”

I see Palmer Organics Creation as a leading Cosmetics company in africa with a big factory that produces Natural HAIRCARE products and also HAS a huge farm where supplements used for making these products are planted and harvested

Nikky palmer on where she sees palmer organics creation in the next 10 years

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

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