The First Traffic Regulating Robot In The World Is From Africa

The next time someone tells you that there’s no technology in Africa or Africa is uncivilized, just tell the person that he is just listening to the myths about Africa and its people, because if only such person has researched Africa very well he or she will find out that not only that Africa is civilized but Africa is also the home to some of the first technology advancements in the world.

An example of this is that of the Traffic Regulating Robot in Congo.

At a time when technology has affected almost every part of our lives, Africa of course in its own part is not joking in contributing to the fast-paced technological advancement. And this takes us to the country of DR Congo, right in the heart of Kinshasa city, where a huge Robocop has been a substitute for traffic police.

First launched in 2013, this traffic regulating robot has made life easier for the people in the city of Kinshasa, because many of the motorists in the city admitted that the robot works effectively and even they prefer it to its human counterpart.

This robot was made of different materials, from its aluminium body to the set of cameras fixed at both the eyes and the shoulders of the robot. Records made it known that the robot cost nothing less than 15,000 US dollars for its completion.

At this point I know you might be guessing from which country this robot was imported, but the truth is you better don’t bother because this robot was developed and completed in the country of DR Congo by a Congolese woman named Thereze Izay Kirongozi.

The most amazing thing about this robot is that this is the first-ever traffic regulation robot in the world.

According to the developers of this robot, the robot is powered by solar and also this robot is a humanoid, meaning that just like humans the robot can regulate the traffic perfectly.

Thanks to the cameras coupled with the help of an antenna on the head of the robot.

Since the first time of its launch, the city of Kinshasa has witnessed more of this robot and currently, over five of these robots are active in the city.

After the successful implementation of this robot, other countries in the world are now following in doing the same, examples of such countries are India and Dubai.

So for this particular reason the next time someone tells you that Africa is an uncivilised place, just tell them about this and other great inventions and Innovations by Africans. Even more, if Africa can develop the very first traffic regulating robot in the world, I believe something even bigger and greater can come out of Africa.


Author: Muhammed Akorede Olaiya

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