Pele’s Mum, Dona Celeste Arantes Is Unaware That Her Legendary Son Has Passed Away

The mother of the late Brazilian football legend Pele is said to be unaware of her son’s death. With just a few days until the legend’s burial, the 100-year-old Dona Celeste Arantes hasn’t been told of her son’s death despite reports saying that she keeps asking about her son’s well-being.

Millions of people are still in deep sorrow over the passing of the three-time World Cup champion.

Pele was one of the best players to ever play the game, and football fans all over the world are still in grief and paying respect to him.

Pele, who battled cancer before passing away at the age of 80 and left behind children and grandchildren, lived a full life. Celeste, the mother of Pele, is ignorant that her illustrious son has died.

According to a report by the UK Sun, Pele’s only surviving sibling, Maria Lucia do Nascimento, has refused to speak about the death of his brother to her mother, Dona Celeste Arantes.

Maria Lucia do Nascimento said: “We talk but she doesn’t know the situation. She’s in her own world. She opens her eyes when I mention his name and say, ‘We are going to pray for him’ but she’s not really conscious of what I’m saying.”

Following three days of formal mourning, Pele will be laid to rest in a 14-story cemetery in the heart of Santos, where he played the majority of his club football, on Tuesday.

According to his family, the three-time World Cup champion remained in the hospital for Christmas and the entirety of the 2022 World Cup, the BBC reported. Before his passing was officially announced on December 29, Pele’s daughter Kely Nascimento had been giving the world regular updates on her father throughout the month as news of his illness spread.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

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