Poisonous Benefactor

For the sake of reporting a camera was rolling.
In we swallowed with our faces in documentaries, but who cares we were hungry anyway.
Genuinely I felt loved when handed that bottle of water, i was thirsty till my organs got dry.

Satiety attained, my eyes are open, my understanding is clearer now. So i understand!

I understand!
They offered the meal for my dignity.
New clothes for her virginity.
Clean shoes for my virility.
Shelter for her availability.
Yes I understand, Aid was a crime against our community.

But guess what?
We got addicted..
Stockholm syndrome.
A bourgeoisie generation seeking validation.
Addicted to aid crippling us down to keep mining for their benefits

Oh my Lord have mercy!
I still can’t believe we plan on building our land relying on AID.

Aid was never intended to help us develop and stand on our own rather to help us survive an extra day of mining.

Foreign aid sacks our self-confidence, a delusion on our path to prosperity and success.

It’s time to release the aid donors off their burden!
Time to liberate our minds and accepting a messiah won’t save us.
This land is 100% our responsibility and no one should be blamed for its present condition but us.

Dear Africans, Use what you have to gain what you want.
We have to develop Africa and get known for prosperity and opportunity.
We have lost so much time that we can’t afford a slow period of growth.
MAN UP to the challenge.
Africa must rise

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