July 3, 2022
A poem by Dr. Sifiso Falala

A poem by Dr. Sifiso Falala

Who shall love Africa?

Mother Africa
My mother
My sunshine
I came from deep in your womb
A son of the soil of Africa
A daughter of the sun of Africa
I am an African coming in
I am an African going out
I am born in Africa
The Europeans came and robbed you
The Africans took over and abused you
The Indians and Chinese have had their share
All you needed was love
Who shall love you, my mother?
Treat you with dignity mama Africa
Grow your flowers
Water and cultivate your gardens
Anoint you with oil
Bring out your beauty
Make you stronger
Feed your hungry
Oh mother Africa
May your children not abandon you
And turn you into a flea market
May they not auction you to the highest bidder
Who shall love you, Africa?
I love you, Africa


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