The African Genius Award: Recognizing African Geniuses

In recognizing Africans that are doing amazing and exceptional work in Science, Education, Technology, Art, Politics, Social work, Media, etc. Priority Performance Projects in partnership with Plus94 Research, The African Dream, and The University of Pretoria are coming up with an award ceremony called ‘The African Genius Award‘ to recognize and appreciate the exceptional work of Africans in Africa. The African Genius Award is a special project undertaken by the company Priority Performance Projects. They aim to recognize exceptional Africans that have made an outstanding contribution towards the realization of African self-determination, dignity, and exceptionalism.

Due to the nature of African problems, A.G.A recognizes the impact of lack of problem-solving skills, tedious processes, and costly methods of commerce and social resourcing and mobilization. Exceptional skills in these areas are, among other skills, taken into account in the awards.

The media is a vital tool in shaping and influencing people’s perception and interpretation of Africa and Africans and people of African ancestry. Studies found that Western media portray Africa as a poverty-stricken, war-ravaged, corrupt, and disease-ridden continent, which also reinforces other negative stereotypes.

For centuries Africa has been identified as a place where endless poverty, diseases, conflict, and violence exist. Western media platforms like BBC News, CNN International, DW Africa, and dozens of others have been selective in their coverage of African news, focusing on crisis and leaving out African achievements and contributions to the international community.

Africa is not as many African-Americans and people of African ancestry think it is. Africa is the world’s second-largest continent. It covers about twelve million square miles including the islands, 6% of the Earth’s total surface, and about 20% of the total land area. Africa is known for its natural beauty, landscape, bodies of water, and minerals. The negative selection of news by Western media is appalling and uncalled for. Many don’t know how Africa’s minerals and natural wealth boost the European, American, and Asian (especially Chinese) economy. For example, coltan, from which computer chips are made, is an important mineral in Africa, and 60% to 70% of it is coming from Africa. Additionally, 30 to 60 percent of America’s imports are obtained from Africa.

Misinformation about Africa has become a growth industry in the West. A vocabulary of metaphors is used in describing Africa. For example, “black on black violence” is a euphemism the Western press used in writing about South Africa in the 1980s, yet British journalists do not report on “white on white violence” when reporting the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Most African-Americans and people of African ancestry have never visited Africa and may never visit the continent because there is a particular image of Africa in their minds.

That is why Priority Performance Projects is organizing an award ceremony of this nature – to recognize, celebrate and appreciate Africans that are making a positive impact in their communities. The award is to let Africans know and realize that they’re being appreciated and their work is being celebrated. Some of the more direct benefits of the African Genius Award will be the promotion of self-confidence, self-love and the circulation, and value addition of African resources in African hands. Some of the self-doubt and even hatred, in extreme cases, is a consequence of historical victimization and oppression. The African Genius Award will go a long way towards reversing the effect and humiliation of systematic subjugation. The awards are aimed at motivating all Africans towards superlative performance, but, in particular, African children and the African youth. The A.G.A seeks to engage with an African youth that believes in a globally competitive Africa. The awards are however for Africans of all generations and cover both historic times and the present. The awards event is held annually on Africa Day, May 25th.

According to the founder Dr. S Falala, he said: “When all is said and done, a genius should have a net positive contribution to society.”

The nominations are open to the public on the website
In order to qualify for an A.G.A, a nominee has to meet certain criteria as per the nomination form.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583

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