The Inspiration Behind Franck Kessie’s Iconic ‘Salute’ Goal Celebration

Ivorian footballer, Franck Kessie is widely known for his iconic ‘salute’ goal celebration, which has become his trademark celebration whenever he scores a goal.

His celebrations has become a common sight in football.

But what’s the inspiration behind his ‘salute’ goal celebration?

Franck Kessie’s father was a footballer but his footballing career was futile. So, he joined the Ivorian military officer.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mundo DeportivoBarcelona the 27 years old midfielder explained his unique goal celebrations.

He revealed that his iconic salute celebration is a tribute to his late father who served in the Ivorian army.

My father was a footballer in Cote d’Ivoire, but then he found himself in the army to serve his country. He died when I was 11 years old. So when I score, I like to celebrate by making this salute in his memory.

Franck Kessie on his celebration

Kessie said he used to see his father salutes someone older than him as a sign of respect. So, he thought it’s the perfect way, too, for him to remember his father.

I used to see him at home and when someone older than him arrived, he would give them this salute as a sign of respect for them, and that’s why this image stuck in my head

Franck Kessie

The midfielder scored the equalizing goal in the just concluded Africa Cup Nations final against Nigeria, and went on to win the trophy.

Kessie has won three trophies since 2022. He won the Italian Serie A with AC Milan in 2022; LaLiga with Barcelona in 2023; and the Africa Cup of Nations with Ivory Coast in 2024.

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