The Mamie Mariama Justice Ganawa Education Foundation (MaMJGEF) Donates Learning Materials And Issues Scholarships To Their First Set Of Beneficiaries Worth Over 60 Million Leones (3500 dollars)

The Mamie Mariama Justice Ganawa Education Foundation (MAMJGEF) recently made donations worth 60 million old Leones, which is equivalent to about $3,500, to their first set of beneficiaries. This enormous cost covered learning materials and scholarships. The foundation that was founded upon the legacy and prominence of the late Mamie Mariama Ganawah is passionately driven to empower underserved and less-privileged students to acquire and access high-quality education across the country.

On Saturday the 7th of January, the MaMJGEF foundation issued logistical support and learning items to their first sets of beneficiaries who are entirely a composition of preadolescent and elementary-aged children. This gesture coincided with the fact that schools are about to reopen and many kids are starved of the opportunity of making it to the classrooms due to circumstances beyond their control. The ceremony was filled with emotions and excitement most especially for the parents who are witnessing the sight of their children receiving their packages.

The Executive Director Justice Ganawah seated at the high table

The beneficiaries were 42 in number (24 female and 18 male). Within that number, eight (8) were not in school even though their age had already qualified them to be. Therefore, /they are benefitting from full-time scholarships paid by the foundation. As it stands, they have been enrolled into three different schools. Each beneficiary was entitled to a package which includes, two pairs of shoes, one dozen notebooks, twelve pairs of socks, five core textbooks, three sharpeners, four boxers (male), four vests, a bag, two rulers, four skin tights for each female beneficiary, two pairs of uniforms, six pens, a geometry set, and one packet of crayon.

The Executive Director of the foundation, Mohamed Ibrahim Justice Ganawah, disclosed to The African Dream that there are three orphans among the list of beneficiaries. These are special cases which would require the thorough supervision of the volunteers to be in line with the performance of these kids. The parents and wards were briefed on the possibility to expect impromptu visits from volunteers to the homes and schools of these beneficiaries to monitor their progress. At the presentation ceremony, the parents and guardians of the recipients were admonished to candidly make sure their children work assiduously in their academics as any trace of poor performance could strip them of their privileges.

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Many parents/wards were emotionally driven by the donations. “We thank God for the MAMJGEF foundation. No other foundation has ever done so much for our kids. When my husband told me about the foundation and their intention to take care of the educational needs of my child, I leapt out of joy,” an excited mother explained.

The funds raised for the various donations at the ceremony were under the auspices of the subscribers at MAMJGEF. . The foundation caters for two main categories of subscribers i.e. National and International. Each of these is further divided into four (4) subcategories with a monthly subscription. The National Category: Bronze Le40, Silver Le50, Gold Le100, Platinum Le200. Those in the diaspora can go for the International Category: Bronze $25, Silver $35, Gold $50, and Platinum $100. This source of funding has been crucial for the foundation to run its activities.

There is a huge percentage of children in Sierra Leone who have dropped out of school due to financial and logistical problems. With MAMJGEF, there seems to be a semblance of hope for poor families who are unable to send their kids to school.

For further enquiries, you can visit the foundation’s office at 69 Nakama Avenue, Hill Station, Back of Old School off Max Drive, Freetown, Sierra Leone

You can also visit their website:


Twitter: @MaMJGEF

Facebook: Mamie Mariama Justice Ganawah Education Foundation

Telephone: +23276956774/+23288043201/+16099088062

We are so happy serving humanity and making sure we have more underprivileged get access to education-

Mohamed Ibrahim Justice Ganawah (Executive Director)