There’s No Heartbeat

Tough guy with a tear in the eye.
The negro warrior with a pain in the heart.
Yes, Emptiness is the emotion I feel while on stage.
They all hail but I know I’m just an empty bleeding vessel not fit for use.

From where I stand the view is different!
From where I am, reality is strange.
It’s rightly said, “the higher you go the colder it becomes”. Or better still, “it’s cold at the top”.

I made it! Did I make it to the top? Oh yes, I did.
I am closer to leadership now.
Oh a deafening voice within my soul telling me: “it’s your time to EAT”.
Eat from the wells of your nation.
Shut up and just eat. Play blind and feed your relatives.

A subservient doggy they tried to mould out of my genius spirit.
An acquiescent godson they tried to fix out of my innovative mind.

The revolutionary dreams I bore for my country are but yesterday’s nightmares.
All my being tells me to EAT, but rather I bleed
I bleed within my soul cause there’s no heartbeat.

No heartbeat for the people! Our leaders just want to EAT.
No concern for the upcoming generation, our politicians just want to EAT.
No regard for the sustainability of our resources, our business people just want to EAT.
Moral decadence? They don’t care, our spiritual guides just want to EAT.

So deep within I bleed
I bleed for the dying family whose portable water fills luxury pools in the houses of our Zombies.
I bleed for the hungry child whose food is given to the dogs.
I bleed for the raped teenage girl walking home in darkness yet our Zombies don’t pay light bills.

Oh Lord! I bleed cause the system has zombified our genius spirits. Every youth of the motherland seeks an opportunity to EAT.
There’s No heartbeat we all have become hungry Zombies with blood in our eyes. Shame!

A zombified generation

All it will take is a zombie to go hungry for change to happen.
I refuse to eat from the well of our Land.
Just one more determined person and a wave of change have come.
I choose Integrity over satiety.
Africa must rise!


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