Ode to Leone Stars – A Poem By Ella Llewelyn Jones

Leone Stars
Stars in our eyes.
Our hearts a beating Limba drum
Our eyes glued in anticipation
We watch them kicking up a storm
On the football pitch
Awaiting that jubilation…

Sierra Leone’s dream team
Having conquered pandemics, we gleam
A brighter future
Never envisaged before
Enlighted by your shining glory
The story
Of a nation undefeatable
Surprises manifest in our quest to grasp success
As we ascend life’s mountains
Our eyes on the summit
We’re African Lions; we’re strong
Our opponents plummet
On football fields crumbling
Before us
Shocked by our comeback
Sierra Leone’s back on track!
Mohamed N Kamara
Umaru Bangura
Mohamed Turay
Leaving rivals in disarray
Steven Caulker
Defensive power

Musa Tombo
Our rainbow
That brightens up our day.
Musa’s wife’s pure love
Reflects our emotion
Resonating the feeling
We cherish
As we relish
The moment they scored
Delighting fans at home and abroad.
That trepidation
We feel on match day
The anxiety
The Hope
That success once out of scope
Will be Salone’s
We’re dream swimmers in the Atlantic Ocean
We’re mountaineers at Sugar Loaf
We conquer obstacles through strong will
A skill
We aced
Defeating Ebola
Ending our civil war
Stronger than the world gives us credit for
We’re Leone Stars
We’re Sierra Leone

This poem is originally published by www.ellaspoem.co.uk http://www.ellaspoem.co.uk

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: abubakarrjalloh@theafricandreamsl.com WhatsApp: +23276211583